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Husqvarna Studs 35/pack
Studs including studs key. Fits protective boots Functional 24 and Functional 28...
Husqvarna UltraVision visor
The light reduction of the visor is only 20% over the whole mesh area compared to the standard visor..
Husqvarna 4-Stroke Engine Oil 20 oz. bottle
Premium SAE-30 oil for lawn and garden engines...
Husqvarna Trio-Balance Harness Trio-Balance Harness
The Trio-Balance harness distributes the load across a large area for added comfort. The harness has..
Husqvarna Hearing Protectors
Lightweight, flexible padded headband with pressure adjustment. For use without a hard hat. 25dB(A) ..
Husqvarna Seeder Kit Fits SB22-DT22 Seeder Box Only
Turn your incredibly versatile DT22 Power Rake into a seeder with the optional seeder kit...
Husqvarna Super Auto II 1" arbor
Fits: 123L, 123LD, 232L, 232R, 322L, 322R, 323L, 323LD, 323R, 323RJ, 324Lx, 324LDx, 324Rx, 325Lx, 32..
Husqvarna Duo-Balance 55 Harness Duo-Balance 55 Harness
An ergonomic harness that distributes the load optimally between shoulders, chest and back. Wide pa..
Husqvarna 4 Stroke Trimmer Oil 2.6 oz
1 bottle, 2.6 oz, 4 stroke trimmer oil for the 324Lx Trimmer..
Husqvarna Hatchet
A small axe for fire wood and garden work. Comes with an edge cover in leather.The head is attached..
Husqvarna Mulch Kit For 225B-x
While the 225Bx blower comes standard with mulching capability, this optional kit is for vacuuming t..
Husqvarna Shoulder Strap Fits all trimmers
Simple harness for smaller trimmers. Easy to remove the harness with one hand if needed...