Husqvarna Super Auto II 1" arbor
Price: $39.54
Brand: Husqvarna
Product Code: HUS-super-auto-ii
Availability: Available

Husqvarna Super Auto II 1" arbor

Fits: 123L, 123LD, 232L, 232R, 322L, 322R, 323L, 323LD, 323R, 323RJ, 324Lx, 324LDx, 324Rx, 325Lx, 325LDx, 325Rx, 325RDx, 325RJx, 326L, 326Lx, 326LDx, 326Rx, 326RJx

Dual line head for straight-shaft trimmers. .080", .095" and .105". Commercial use. Flange (503 94 14-01) and nut (503 85 63-01) needed to mount on trimmer. Put the bottom of the head on, then the flange and nut, and then snap the head on.

Product information Trimmer heads/TriCut
Cord feed Fully automatic
For straight shaft trimmers False
Use with cord 0 "
Inner diameter 1"