Honda WSP53 Pump
Price: $509.95
Brand: Honda Equipment
Product Code: HONDA-WSP53
Availability: Available

Honda WSP53 Pump

  • 1/2 hp 115V submersible pump
  • Top discharge
  • 70 gal./min. capacity
  • Automatic non-mercury float switch
  • Double mechanical seal construction
  • Rated for continuous use
  • 1/2 hp, 115V submersible pump

    115 Volt operation allows the pump to be plugged into a standard outlet. (GFCI is recommended).

    Ideal for draining basements, window wells, garden irrigation, decorative fountains and more

    70 gal./min. capacity

    Rated for continuous use

    Operates on continuous duty in temperatures of up to 104¡, and intermittent duty up to 140¡. Since this pump can be used 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, it is suitable for any application that needs to move water from one place to another on a continuous basis.

    Solids handling up to 3/8"

    Move slurry and dirty liquids without the worry of damaging the pump.

    Lightweight durable stainless steel casing

    The pump won't rust or corrode, minimizing costly repairs and replacement. The 304 stainless steel is an industrial grade, again minimizing damage and reducing the need for repairs.

    Automatic non-mercury float switch

    Honda submersible pumps use a mechanical float switch instead of mercury, eliminating the use of hazardous materials in the pump.

    Built in thermal reset switch

    If the pump overheats, it automatically resets itself after the pump cools down. This is designed to protect the motor from periodic overheating.

    50 ft heavy duty cord

    SOW/ASO U.L. listed cord

    Top discharge

    Great for applications where space is tight.

    Operates fully or partially submerged

    No need to worry about the water level for the pump!