Honda HS724WA Snowblower
Price: $2,299.00
Brand: Honda Equipment
Product Code: HONDA-HS724WA
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Honda HS724WA Snowblower

  • Self-propelled, infinitely variable hydrostatic drive
  • Wheel drive
  • Easy starting Honda OHV commercial grade engine
  • 24" clearing width, 20" clearing height
  • Clears up to 46.3 tons per hour
  • Powerful, easy to start Honda engine

    The commercial grade GX200 OHV engine offers plenty of power to churn through the snow. Starting is easy - even in cold weather.

    Pick the right speed for you

    The self propelled, infinitely variable speed control hydrostatic drivetrain makes it easy to pick a speed to match your snow conditions. It's easy to control, and virtually maintenance free.

    Clear up to 46 tons per hour

    The HS724 is up to to just about any snow-clearing task.

    Easy to adjust snow deflection

    The remote control chute on our two stage blowers is easily adjustable, with up to 210 degrees of rotation and 70 degrees of elevation. The convenient interlock feature allows the drive and auger levers to be held down with one hand. This frees your other hand to change the position of the discharge chute.

    Convenient control levers

    Honda's snowblowers offer ergonomically-designed controls for operator convenience and safety.
    A single lever accurately adjusts ground speed without affecting auger rotation speed. Individual throttle and choke controls offer precise operation in various weather conditions.

    Ice breaking serrated auger

    Honda's snowblowers are equipped with ice breaking, heavy-duty, serrated augers. For enhanced performance and durability, the auger shaft is bearing supported. The auger drive is equipped with easily replaceable shear bolts.

    Wheel drive

    Wheels drive offers additional manuverability in some conditions.

    Exceptional throwing distance

    The 2-stage design uses a fast spinning impeller in the discharge duct to throw snow faster and farther.

    24" clearing width, 16.5" clearing height

    Easy to use interlocking drive/auger control

    One hand control allows operator to easily adjust snow direction and distance with the chute controls.

    Automatic decompression for easy starting