Honda HS1336iAS Snowblower
  • Honda HS1336iAS Snowblower
  • Honda HS1336iAS Snowblower
  • Honda HS1336iAS Snowblower
  • Honda HS1336iAS Snowblower
  • Honda HS1336iAS Snowblower
  • Honda HS1336iAS Snowblower
Price: $7,999.00
Brand: Honda Equipment
Product Code: HONDA-HS1336iAS
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Honda HS1336iAS Snowblower

  • Hybrid technology: Better throw, smoother go
  • Choose between Auto, Semi-Auto, or Manual modes for added control and versatility
  • Powerful, intelligent Honda iGX commercial grade engine
  • Clears up to 83 tons per hour
  • 36.2" clearing width, 22.8" clearing height
  • Track drive - best traction available
  • Electric start
  • Hybrid technology: Better throw, smoother go

    A combination of engine and electric motor power provides powerful snow throwing and uninterrupted travel and motion, simultaneously. The iGX engine powers the auger and impeller, expelling snow rapidly. Dual electric motors power the track drive system, keeping the snowblower moving smoothly.

    Powerful, intelligent Honda iGX engine

    The iGX390 is an intelligent engine. It operates automatically with much better, simpler, and faster controls. It's an ideal choice for even inexperienced operators.

    Clears up to 83 tons per hour

    The HS1336 clears even the heaviest snow in no time.

    Choose your level of control: Auto, Semi-Automatic, or Manual Operations

    The HS1336i offers three different modes to give you just the right amount of control and versatility. Choose between Auto, Semi-Automatic, or Manual modes - for the smoothest, fastest, most effective snowblowing you've ever experienced.

    Power tilt/lift auger housing

    The HS1336i's auger housing tilts up and down as well as rotating. This allows you to tackle hilly grades without compromising the balance of the snowblower. You'll see more complete, efficient, and safer performance.

    No clogging, even in heavy snow

    An impeller is strategically placed behind the serrated augers. This ensures snow discharge is expelled to eliminate clogging and potential for back up.

    More accurate snow throwing

    Discharges snow up to 62.3 feet away. The discharge chute is double articulating, with two hinge points for more accurate snow tossing trajectories.

    Engage the auger and impeller with just a fingertip

    Thanks to the electric powered clutch, engaging the auger and impeller is nearly effortless.

    On-board diagnostics

    Keep track of all operational details through the handy on-board diagnostics panel. Quick view indicators and diagnostics track vital information to monitor all operating systems.

    Track drive offers the best traction available

    Pliable, low temperature rubber tracks with sure-gripping cleats, providing solid traction and ideal balance. Ideal for inclines, rough ground, and icy conditions.

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    Convenient control levers

    Glove-friendly controls and easy to understand labels and layout make operating a breeze.