Bearcat DL10570 10 Inch Debris Loader
Price: $3,695.00
Brand: Bearcat Equipment
Product Code: BEARCAT-DL10570
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Bearcat DL10570 10 Inch Debris Loader

The ECHO Bear Cat Hitch Mount Debris Loaders makes leaf removal an easy one-man operation. The Hitch Mount design allows complete access to the tailgate without having to move the machine around. Which helps you be more time efficient on each job saving time and money in the process. The 10 inch Diameter Hose intake allows for large amounts of leaves and debris to be reduced in a short span of time. Easy attachment making simple unloading whether used with a pickup or dump truck. Several accessories are available including a Swing Away kit that helps add length for vacuuming, and a Light Kit to help during nighttime removal.