Bearcat CH4400 4 Inch Chipper
  • Bearcat CH4400 4 Inch Chipper
Price: $3,595.00
Brand: Bearcat Equipment
Product Code: BEARCAT-CH4400
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Bearcat CH4400 4 Inch Chipper

The CH4400 model provides improved productivity with a double banded belt drive to guarantee an equal transfer of power from engine to chipping blade and an increased disc speed that will allow an operator to chip more material, faster. Among many applications, this productivity upgrade is perfect for Tree Service professionals making quick work of clearing easements or refuse reduction and Landscapers for job site cleanup and creating mulch. This machine has a 404cc Overhead Cam Subaru Engine, designed with a cast iron cylinder liner to increase the integrity of the engine. This chipper is equipped with two reversible, heat treated _Ó threaded chipping blades, allowing this machine to maintain a sharper cutting edge longer, cutting down on repairs and blade replacement costs. Also incorporated is a cantilever disc mount decreasing the amount of material ÒwrappingÓ inherent with wood chippers and saving downtime.